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You can enter your company, one of your employees or yourself in the running in any relevant category(s). You can also submit another company(s) or individual(s) using the same form.

PLEASE NOTE For the best chance of winning, entries and nominations should include as much information and illustration as possible and if the relevant criteria is not met your application may not be considered.

  1. Please start by selecting from the dropdown menu the category you wish to enter/nominate.
  2. You can see all of the Categories and Criteria here
  3. Then use the ADD ANOTHER ENTRY button to add further entries or nominations.
  4. You may enter or nominate in the same category more than once.
  5. Once you have added information for all of the categories you wish to enter - click the NEXT button to add your details and submit your entries.


Please provide a URL for any supporting videos, Youtube, Vimeo etc.
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