At Accesso, we understand that technology is a critical component to our client’s success and the happiness of their guests. No business should have to settle for technology that creates more issues than it solves! Technology should be the solution, not the problem.

Our clients need powerful technology solutions to grow their businesses and create connected guest experiences – and Accesso delivers! That’s why over 1,000 venues in 30 countries have chosen to partner with us. Our patented and award-winning solutions drive increased revenue for attraction operators, improving the guest experience while helping our clients streamline operations and harness the power of data to educate business and marketing decisions.

The status quo is not an option – If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. With our accesso solutions, venues can empower their staff with the control, data and confidence to make informed decisions that will drive revenue, create operational efficiencies – and inspire joy for their guests!


Attraktion! invents and manufactures mostly globally unique, new media-based attraction formats and produces a library of media content to choose from.

ATTRAKTION! creates exceptional media-based attractions and experience products, such as service robots, dome attractions, interactive games and exhibits.

Our mission is to develop innovative, world class attractions. Compelling visitor experiences can appear in many forms. We support and guide our clients to develop second-to-none, unique destinations. We are dedicated to consistently deliver the best quality products and services to our clients. To achieve this, we are focused on the continual improvement of ATTRAKTION!’s own attraction product portfolio with a core focus on new attraction genres.

Digital Centre
Digital Centre (DC) is a multinational global company with local factories and offices in the US and Europe, with a steady eye on Asia.

Founded in 1997 with the main focus to manufacture first-class PhotoBooths at affordable prices. Over the past 20 years, DC has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by offering innovative new ideas with supreme technology.

At DC a skilled staff manages a top-class factory with more than 100,000 sqf area. DC can produce more than 500 PhotoBooths a month. DC offers worldwide shipping as well as worldwide warranty and technical support. The company design, develop, manufacture, certify, and support the finest innovative PhotoBooths on the market.

The innovative and extensive range of LED photo booths has revolutionized the industry and has shown futuristic photo booths highly equipped with the best technology and with a unique appeal.

The LED award-winning technology makes a much more profitable photo booth capturing the attention of more public. The new range of LED VideoWall PhotoBooths has received the best reviews from experts in the sector who have valued very positively the experience that the user lives when enjoying LED PhotoBooths of Digital Centre.

The entertainment collection of Digital Centre PhotoBooths, are taking businesses a step ahead of the competition in innovation.

The global market leader in immersive location-based entertainment and the pioneers of the turnkey multiplayer VR attraction has the fastest growing installation base in the history of VR. Founded in 2017 in Munich, Germany, HOLOGATE has brought the magic of virtual reality to over 400 entertainment venues located across 38 countries worldwide and recently blasted pass the 12 million player milestone. This unprecedented accomplishment makes HOLOGATE the clear leader in the out-of-home multiplayer virtual reality location-based entertainment market.

HOLOGATE is the pioneer of the high-end turnkey multiplayer virtual reality system, the ‘Arena’. This hugely popular VR immersive arcade unit offers games that are immersive, competitive and social, and have experiences for every demographic. ‘Arena’ is also easy to operate, requires a small footprint, and has unrivalled throughput and amazing ROI, which makes it the go-to choice for operators around the world.

‘BLITZ’, their 6-DOF whisper-quiet belt-driven, interactive motionsimulator, features 1 meter of vertical lift, ±30° movement in every direction, dual-axis steering for left/right or up/down movement for driving, flying or underwater experiences, and zero motion sickness due to its proprietary code design and motion-tracking technology. ‘Hyper Golf’, an exciting and unprecedented futuristic fusion of miniature golf, electrifying special effects, funky DJ tracks, and gamified experience, all happening on an interactive, high-tech course of uniquely themed holes.

‘HOLOGATE X’, their premium hyper-reality wireless free-roam virtual reality adventure platform that features high-resolution VR streaming directly into the headsets, full-body tracking, 4D physical effects, including scent and wind, THX surround sound, and all without the need for players to wear weighted backpacks that house the computer and battery pack.

HOLOGATE recently launched HOLOGATE WORLD, their state-ofthe-art extended reality entertainment franchise locations featuring food, beverage, VIP lounges, esports arenas, and all of their popular immersive systems. HOLOGATE WORLD was designed as an entertainment destination for developers of retail spaces around the globe.

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