Did you know that in addition to entering the Park World Excellence Awards, you are also able to nominate a colleague, an operator, and/or manufacturer/supplier for an award using the same online form? In fact, you can make multiple nominations – but it must be before the 18 July deadline!

Commenting on the importance of the nomination process, Phil Taylor, managing director of specialist leisure consultancy, Team Leisure and Park World Excellence Awards judge, says: “We’re always all so busy that it’s easy to forget that we also need to pause sometimes to celebrate our successes. That’s why the Park World Excellence Awards are such a highlight in the leisure industry’s calendar. The very act of nominating someone or an attraction or a company or a product is a great way to recognise the efforts, creativity, innovation and successes of our friends, colleagues and peers. There really is no better way to showcase the very best that our industry has to offer. My forecast is that this year we’ll again be inundated with nominations. Now I just need everyone to prove me right. The process couldn’t be simpler.”

Nicole Rojo is a representative of the European Coaster Club (EEC) for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, and an attraction industry blogger. She is also a Park World Excellence Judge and shares the view that nominating others for an award is crucial to the drive for excellence. “Park World Magazine is a well-known and established magazine. I think it’s an honour for to be nominated for a PWEA. As the industry is kind of like a family, everyone can benefit from each other. That’s why, in addition to entering the awards you should also nominate someone else.”

Launched in 2018, the Park World Excellence Awards are designed to recognise the outstanding efforts of operators, manufacturers and suppliers in creating unforgettable guest experiences. It has since established itself as a leading awards scheme for the industry. Park World editor, Becci Knowles, is heavily involved in the project, working closely with the judges to ensure the categories are a true reflection of the industry and that the event continues to attract a high level of entries and nominations. She says: “I am very proud to be part of an event that is held in such high regard by the industry. The number of entries and nominations has increased year-on-year, as more and more companies see the benefit of gaining the “Excellence” stamp of approval. The last 15 or so months have been particularly difficult for the industry and everyone has had to adapt. Despite this, we have seen some amazing innovations take centre stage in outstanding theme parks, water parks, family entertainment centres and other location-based experience venues, which is testimony to the resilience of an industry that has the guest experience at its heart. We look forward to hearing about even more about 2021’s stand-out successes in your 2021 Park World Excellence Awards entry and nomination statements!”

The small print

There to recognise outstanding operators in the EMEA region together with the manufacturers, suppliers and entertainment specialists that worked with them to bring the year’s top experiences to life, the Park World Excellence Awards 2021 will close for entries and nomination on 18 July.

Entrants to – and nominees for – the Manufacturer/Supplier categories can come from companies outside the EMEA region, but to be eligible the ride, attraction, project or product must be located in the EMEA region. It must also have opened or become available in the EMEA region between 1 September 2020 and 30 June 2021.

Entrants to – and nominees for – the operator categories must be based in the EMEA region.

For more information and to enter/nominate visit www.parkworldexcellenceawards.com